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I worked with a team to create an informative and engaging website for the Special Olympics Coaster Challenge. As a designer,  it was my job to make illustrations and artwork for the site.
Tools I Used Illustrator, Photoshop
How Long It Took 
6 Months
Project Type Client:
My Role 

Background For this project, I worked with a small team to create an informational website about the 2016 Special Olympics Coaster Challenge. The Coaster Challenge gives participants the opportunity to ride on roller coasters to raise money for Special Olympics. As a member of the design team, it was my job to create artwork/illustrations that conveyed the cause of Coaster Challenge while also producing a fun and exciting atmosphere for the user.  I worked with three other designers to create elements, characters and buttons that were shown across the site.

Proposal Below are portions is design proposal for the 2016 Special Olympics Coaster Challenge. As team members, it was our job to create a proposal that included ideas in which we could better engage with our audience. These included a photo Op, a 2D game with Coaster Challenge characters and infographic/website with information provided. 

Infographic As a member of the design team, it was my job to help illustrate the infographic which showcased all the information regarding the Coaster Challenge. Below is the infographic proposal, in which my team members and I break down the project and talk about specifics that were needed to create it.

Design The design team and I wanted to create an infographic that was colorful, engaging and entertaining. In order to do that we decided to create flat artwork centered around Six Flags Great America. We created a primary character named Donorsaur, who would encourage members to donate while spinning around in his roller coaster. In addition, we worked with dev team to create animations and other interactive components such as clickable tents and a calculator. 

Photo Op Design Along with creating some of the artwork for the site, it was also my job to compose the photo op background. Below are the  backdrops that were used for photos during the Coaster Challenge event. 

IAM Squad = Dream Team  As a senior capstone project, working on the Coaster Challenge was the most demanding, entertaining and memorable time of my college career. Knowing the client was happy with all of our work and seeing it come together was a great way to end our 6-month assignment. In addition, working within an agile/scrum environment helped me organize my tasks, encouraged me to be an active member of the team and really helped me understand my role as a designer. After this assignment I felt more comfortable and aware of what I could offer within this atmosphere. 

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