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Tools I Used Photoshop, Adobe Xd 
How Long It Took 3 Weeks
Project Type Client: Sisters Steppin' Up
My Role Web Designer 

Sisters Steppin' Up

Sister's Steppin' Up is a website for a non-profit organization that aims to empower young Muslim women in the Chicagoland area.

Background This project first started off with a long conversation with one of the head directors of Sisters Steppin' Up. She told me that SSU was an non-profit that aimed in empowering young Muslim woman ranging from the ages 11-19 years old. Every month or so, they would set up events that would in the long run create a space, "...for personal growth and friendship through programs that support and inspire our youth's spiritual, ethical and social potential."(SSU) She explained how she felt the SSU page was outdated and needed an extreme makeover that could represent the organization in the best way possible.

My Thoughts While creating events and programs to facilitate a communities' principles is important, it is equally valuable for users/members to have a great experience while using SSU's website. Through the site, users should be able to view upcoming events, be inspired to join, gain some knowledge and feel apart of a community.

SSU's principles + a well designed website + a good experience using the site = magic

Goals for the Redesign: 

1. To create a new look and feel that is more modern and up to date
2. To inspire more members to join!
3. To have more organization in the content of the site
4. Possibly have some relevant and professional images/art that could pair with the redesign of the site

Features/Add Ons I wanted to make sure this site had the whole package, including an updated feature list that could bring the site to 2017 by integrating SSU's social media presence and making it more engaging for its audience.

1. Add a calendar or events portion that shows the viewers upcoming events in an organized fashion

2. Integrating social media/ showing the Instagram page, have images directly integrated into the site to show who members are and what the program goers

3. Adding photography; images have a huge impact and think it’s important to show visuals for this youth program

Branding To really show the client what I was talking about, I created a branding/style guide that I thought would best grab the attention of young muslim women that would potentially use this site. I aimed to create a sleek, minimal look while emphasizing SSU's values through photographs.

Conclusion: Empathetic Designing Being someone who could who could easily relate to the target audience of this site, I felt that it was important to emphasize the core values of SSU that really stuck out to me and  would eventually  have a huge impact on the girls who were a part of this organization. By rebranding and redesigning the site not only did I want to create a site that looked better aesthetically or up to date, but I wanted to illustrate that sisterhood, personal growth and being a part of a community is not just a good thing to have in your life, but that it can be pretty cool.     

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