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I worked on the design of an app called T-E-N! with a small team. Still in it's early stages, I made a basic mockup to visualize key features and structural elements.
Tools I Used Illustrator, Adobe Xd, Photoshop
How Long It Took 6 months- Ongoing
Project Type Freelance Project
My Role UI/Graphic Designer 

Background T-E-N! is a social media app that integrates sharing videos, posting statuses and using a location map to make new friends. For this project, I created wireframes-medium fidelity prototypes to illustrate how each interacton would look. These ranged from adding videos, posting a status and other basic features the app would have. Still in it's early stages, I've also helped in creating a style guide for the app.

TEN! Branding  For TEN!, I needed to create a style guide that would implement a breezy and cool atmosphere that the creator was looking for.  I chose to use a cool toned color palette that incorporated outlined icons and light fonts. To add some vibrancy, some icons are fully colored in, and flat graphics are used.

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